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My name is Peter Desrosier.
I was born in Minnesota, raised in Boston, MA, and graduated from Wheaton College in IL in 2016. I now live in Annandale, Virginia with my wife and two rescue dogs.

Throughout high school and college I took up graphic design, Photoshop, After Effects, film production, Illustrator and web design as hobbies. I would take pictures and shoot videos on my phone for fun and taught myself how to edit them with the help of online videos and tutorials. I wrote, recorded, and produced music myself to learn sound design, and gradually began taking my work into the professional market.

As I continued to study and grow, I came to appreciate graphic design, marketing, public relations, and film production as more than hobbies.

I realized that it was my true fascination and what I wanted to do as a career. I continued to develop my skills in photography, film, the adobe suite, and web design through various college courses and work projects. After that I began taking more classes in media production and began to focus more strongly on learning everything I could in my field.  Shortly after my college graduation I expanded into Unity program development, Cinema 4D, VR and 3D technical art. I am now working as a multifaceted content creator focused on progressing the digital world in an effort to pursue what I love, constantly on the lookout for the next great challenge. 

Digital storytelling is my passion. I have found the application of that passion is nearly limitless, and I cannot wait to see where it takes me next!

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