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Unity, Virtual Reality, and App Development

In 2018, I took a position with Velodyne Lidar. Over the following years I expanded my skillset into the Unity ecosystem, including projects in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 2D and 3D app development, and visual scripting. I was able to use my new skills in 3D modeling, animation, and texturing and create usable applications with what I produced to demo products, create manufacturing tools, or highlight marketing content. VR, while extremely fun, can also be a powerful tool for understanding difficult 3 dimensional concepts, teaching complex processes, and more. Unity is a powerful tool for app creation, and I am excited to continue learning more about the best ways to leverage it.

App Development- Peter Desrosier

Team Members- Monte Wolford (Team Lead), Ethan Ferguson

Other Colleagues- Christian Tewell

VR Lidar Demonstrations
Handsfree, Covid-Safe Manufacturing App
Unity App Development
Visual Scripting- Playmaker
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