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3D model of a car

Animation, 3D Modeling, & 
Motion Design

Early on in high school I developed a fascination with computer generated visual effects. I watched tutorial after tutorial online, following the grandfathers of CG such as Andrew Kramer and Corridor Digital. While I started primarily with 2D graphics in Adobe After Effects, I eventually moved on to true 3D design, first in Blender and eventually in Cinema 4D. Today, I love the dynamic flexibility I can achieve in 3D, as I blend all the skills I've developed over the years from photography, lighting, composition, videography, and storytelling into one. In particular, 3D design allows me to take my graphic design, motion design, and UI design to the next level, as I have access to a myriad of customizable and precise graphics a 2D designer would not have. Furthermore, my understanding of layering, light, dimension and dynamic camera placement allows me to see a user experience in a completely new depth. UI takes on a much more powerful, active role in the telling of a product's story.

3D design feels like home to me. It's become the skill I was destined to learn and love. The only limit to the 3D world is your imagination.

Design - Peter Desrosier

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Instagram 3D Projects
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