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Film & Videography

Shortly after I began pursuing photography, I realized I loved film and videography just as much. Where a photo is a frozen moment in time, film incorporates so many more elements: movement, light, sound design, action, music, and beyond. While I love writing and directing abstract, artistic pieces, I also enjoy the process of filming and editing documentary-style video. Film has a power to evoke, excite, entertain, and enlighten. Any chance I get to create a video or film, I take!

Filming & Editing - Peter Desrosier

Organizations Pictured- Tel Shimron Excavations, Mustard Seed Generation, Highrock Church

How I

Story is king. No matter the project, no matter the size, story is the most important factor of any design.In order to ensure that the story is central to my work, I use a variety of planning processes, workshops, and guides. Below are some of the templates I have used, both alone and with teams, in order to document the process, collaborate with others, focus the message behind each story, and ensure a timely and quality delivery for each project.



The brainstorming and planning process of video creation is paramount to the success of the story. If you fail to plan, you will inevitably plan to fail. Without a clear message, vision, and plan, the rest of the production process cannot achieve it's full potential. Just like construction of a house, the foundation must be strong, clear, and well executed.



A well planned production strategy will lead to the best product. Chaos creates stress, and stress creates mistakes. During production, the most important goal should be to capture the best footage, audio, visuals et cetera to maximize the quality of the end result. My production style is calm, controlled, fun, and collaborative. The content captured in the production process is what's used to build the body of any project, and the higher quality those bricks can be, the better the final product..



Post-production is the third pillar of my creation process. If pre-production is the foundation and production is the bricks, post-production is the final assembly. All the pieces finally come together and are joined to form the initial vision laid out in pre-production. It is critical in this process that there are review cycles, subject matter expert input, as well as enough time planned into the process to iterate and improve until a final high quality piece emerges.

What I've

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