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Motion Graphics, UI & UX

Motion graphics was actually one of the first things I ever learned, and effectively catapulted me into the rest of the digital world. Understanding a three dimensional space has always given me a better concept of layering, light, shadow, and dynamic design. These principles play directly into one of my most recent fields of design — User Experience. At my last two positions I got the chance to explore user interface design and the effect that it has within a users experience. My work in VR played a direct role in widening my understanding of how a user interacts with things in 3D, 2D, or "2.5D" space, and the thoughtfulness it requires to guide the user through the story that matters for them.

In my last role at HP these concepts took hold as I worked to support the Veneer design system. Approaching motion and 2D graphics from an atomic design thinking perspective coincided with careful planning and UX research. Designing  and executing processes for customer journey maps, personas, and production maps allows the designer to identify what really matters to the user while aligning with the story the product needs to tell.

My abilities in motion design, graphic design and storytelling come together in UX, and I am constantly pursuing better ways to tell stories in the sphere of user-centered design.

Design - Peter Desrosier

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User Experience comes down to understanding the needs of the user, their perspective, and what it is they need out of the product, video, or design.  No user interface design, no matter how beautiful or technically proficient, will be an effective tool unless it meets the real needs and concerns of the user.


Process mapping is invaluable when coming to that understanding, and also allows for the strength of collaboration and revision. My process maps are never what I would call "perfect," and I constantly try to improve and change them through retrospectives after each project.

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3D & UI

My expertise in 3D modeling and rendering gives me an edge when it comes to UI design. Beyond my understanding of layering and 3D space itself, I can also model and render completely custom images from scratch and utilize them in layered, dynamic designs to enhance the overall storytelling and user experience.

Below is an example of a rocket company website  mockup I made where I modeled the rocket, crafted an image, and paired it with the website design to match the exciting, powerful nature of the product.

Blue Origin Website Mockup 3D design.jpg
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